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The genesis for this page came from my attendance at the German RumFest in 2014, where I realized I wanted to put out some words about specific small (often new, or relatively unknown) companies that were making rums, and found almost nothing out there.  Of course, it’s not a terribly original idea — Marco of barrel-aged-mind does as good or better a job, for example (and I always gnash my teeth and weep with envy when I see his research notes), and there are books around like Luca Gargano’s “Atlas du Rhum” and Dave Broom’s “Rum”. But also, in writing my reviews and doing my research, I find a dearth of information all in one place, in English, that sums up most of the pertinent information about a particular producer…I always have to hunt around, and while fortunately multi-lingual, it’s a long hard slog nevertheless.

Therefore…this series. There may be occasional posts on actual major distilleries like Mount Gay, Appleton, Flor de Cana, DDL and others — but others have covered this ground better than I ever could, and so I’d really like to focus on craft and boutique bottlers who create limited ranges of their own (Velier, Rum Nation, Nine Leaves…).   The posts link to specific essays about each one, and in each I’ll give a small rundown of available information and what products they have…though the reader is to be warned that such lists of products are not to be construed as exhaustive – I lack the time to do the ongoing research on annual releases, and my focus will be on those companies whose products I have reviewed (at least to begin with).

This is a work in progress, and it’ll be slow. There are thousands of rums in the world, more being made all the time, and probably a few hundred producers.  I’ll write about them when I can, and it’ll keep me out of mischief when I don’t have any rums to review, or want a change of pace. Note that this is not a review series.  Yes I like some of the brands (and will say so where this is the case), but the emphasis here is less on subjectivity and more on the history and heritage (and future plans, if known)…as best as they can be unearthed.  It’s accepted that this provides free publicity to the companies as a tradeoff to getting some facts into the open. In that vein, readers are encouraged to share information about the subject and contribute any details they can. Have fun reading, and share a comment or two if you wish.

The Makers


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  1. Great idea! Looking forward to see it happen.

  2. Will be looking forward for these essays – brung it on! 🙂

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