This page contains those essays on matters of rum which are subjective and opiniated by their very nature.  It’s great to see more and more rum reviewers on the internet; yet I feel that there’s still space for some work on the underlying philosophy, on concepts, ideas and opinions as to where the world of rum is going, or can go.  We should never cease questioning ourselves as writers (and possibly as shapers) of discussions regarding our drink of choice.

These are my own ideas, and my own thoughts. It’s inevitable that some of these essays will draw occasional fire and criticism, but the idea is simply to air out some issues I feel worth commenting on (much like the NAS imbroglio of the whisky world).

[NB: As far as possible I have tried and will try to adhere to a personal creed best expressed as follows: You have no right to an uninformed opinion. Opinions should be supported by such facts and reasoning as to permit the reader to understand why the opinion is being expressed. An unsupported opinion is, to me, worthless (I cannot begin to tell you how much the shrug-off comment “I’m entitled…” irritates me).  A reader may not agree with it, but at least he can follow the critical reasoning behind the thought.]




  4 Responses to “Opinion”

  1. Love the web site . How can I contact the lone caner

  2. This is off topic, and I apologize.
    Does anyone know if Planetrum in Guadaloupe FWI has had an event causing them to close?
    I placed an order, they accepted my payment, and now no – product, response to emails, chat lines, phone calls etc.
    Thank you, and sorry again, sorry for the intrusion.

    • You’d be better off also placing this question on one of the various Rum Clubs on Facebook like Ministry of Rum, Global Rum Club or La Confrerie du Rhum whre there are thousands and thousands of users. Commentary on this site is very quiet.

      Speaking for myself, I’ve never used Planetrum so I can’t answer, sorry. Hope you get it sorted out.

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