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Dec 262022
Secret Treasures Gardel Distillery 1989 13 Year Old Guadeloupe Rhum - Review

The clear, light, and distinct nose on this Guadeloupe agricole is really quite sumptuous, and hearkens back to a time before more formal rules were put into place (even on Guadeloupe) as to how cane juice rhums were put together. It has a clean sweetness to it, quite crisp, redolent of grapes, green apples and a touch of vanilla and caramel to start. Sweet and sour chicken with tons of vegetables, sweet soya. And it develops into more complex territory after thatleather, freshly mown hay, citrus peel, cumin and pomegranates and was that oregano I smelled there? It [Click here for the full review…]

Dec 042019
The Strongest Rums In The World

Ten years ago, overproof rums (which I mentally designate as anything 70% ABV and above even though I’m well aware there are other definitions) were limited to the famed 151sjuice at 75.5%, often lightly aged, and designed as mixing agents of no particular distinction or sophistication. “Something tossed off in between more serious efforts,” I wrote once, not without a certain newbie disdain. They were fun to write about, but hardly “serious.” But then over the years a strange thing happenedsome producers, independents in particular, began releasing rums at serious cask strength and many were powerful [Click here for the full review…]

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This is the first page of rum reviews; it is arranged in alphabetical order, from A through to J. The number on the left of each review is the sequence in which it was written, the score being on the right. Newer posts are marked. [Click here for Page 2 of Rum Reviews, from K to Z] [Click here for the RumaniacsHeritagerum reviews] 0937 1423 Single Barrel Selection Antigua 2015 7 YO High Congener Rum (91) 0822 1423 Single Barrel Selection Barbados (WIRD) 2000 16 YO Rum (85) 0720 1423 Single Barrel Selection Brazil/Barbados 2019 2 YO Blended [Click here for the full review…]

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This is the second page of rum reviews; it is arranged in alphabetical order, from K through to Z. The number on the left of each review is the sequence in which it was written, the score being on the right. Newer posts are marked. [Click here for Page 1 of Rum Reviews, from A to J] [Click here for the RumaniacsHeritagerum reviews] 0579 K&L “Faultline” Uitvlugt 1994-2014 20 Year Old Guyanese Rum (85) 0883 Kalki MoonPlant CaneAustralian Cane Spirit (Batch 1) (82) 0196 Karukera Rhum Vieux Double Maturation 2004 (87.5) 0647 Karukera Rhum Vieux Agricole “L’Expression” 2008-2016 (83) 0648 [Click here for the full review…]

Jun 272018
The Age of Velier's Demeraras - Part 2

Part IIThe Rums 2005 – The Age Begins In Part 1 I gave a rather lengthy rundown of the events and trends leading up to the unofficially named Age. There was a reason for thatbecause I wanted to make it clear how the rum landscape was altered after those rums were issued. And to do that we needed to get a sense of what it was like before. To briefly recap, the pieces were in place, at the intersection of culture and history and personality: the world was becoming more interconnected and knowledgeable as a result [Click here for the full review…]

Feb 232018
A Velier Port Mourant Tasting Blowout

Some days are just harder than others, especially when we put our lives and livers and family time on hold, just say f**kit and do a deep dive into rums that are insanely expensive, excrutiatingly rare and that makes ethanol leak from the eyes of every Velier fan and exiled Mudlander who ever lived. While I would not go so far as to say we suffer for our art (drinking rum unicorns like this? are you kidding?), there is no question that when two of the cool kids in the rumworldGregers and Nicolaimanaged to put together [Click here for the full review…]

Dec 192017
Velier Caroni 1982-2005 23 Year Old Heavy Trinidad Rum

Rumaniacs Review #065 | 0471 There are, as far as I am aware, three 1982-2005 23 year old Caronis issued by Velier. TheLightissued at 59.2% (R-058), theHeavy Full Proofwhich is a ripsnorting 77.3% (R-063), and now thisHeavyone, the last of my Rumaniacs samples from Trinidad, which clocks in between those two, at 62% and a 1360-bottle outturn. Unsurprisingly, this presents casual buyers with quite a chellenge. I know Luca felt that each iteration and individual expression of the various Caronis highlights some kind of distinct point of interest he wanted to share, but to [Click here for the full review…]

Dec 102017
Velier Caroni 1982-2005 23 Year Old Heavy Trinidad Rum

Rumaniacs Review #063 | 0467 Having tried several of the ur-proofed rums of the rumiverse (Sunset Very Strong 84.5% and Marienburg 90% come to mind) I must confess that while stronger stuff exists, trying high-test like this makes me think I’ve run out of steroidal fortitude. It’s a shattering experience, not just because of its strength but because somehow it pushes all the boundaries of a very precise Caroni profileit’s like getting hit with the spirituous equivalent of a fully boosted luxury freight train (assuming Louis Vuitton made one). And it is to its credit that it not [Click here for the full review…]

Nov 292017
Velier Caroni 1982-2006 24 Year Old Light Trinidad Rum

Rumaniacs Review #061 | 0463 So here’s a Caroni marked ‘Light’which supposedly means somewhat less esters than the one we looked at last week (the ‘Heavy’) but let me assure you that even though it’s a shade less proofed than that one (and less esters, supposedly), it in no way lacks for really deep tastes. If I had to chose I honestly think I would select this one for the buyalways assuming I could find it at all. The 12 and 15 and 23 year old Veliers from the closed distillery are issued in the thousands of bottles, which is [Click here for the full review…]

Nov 232017
Velier Caroni 1982-2006 24 Year Old Heavy Trinidad Rum

Rumaniacs Review #060 | 0461 If there is ever a rum to compete with Foursquare’s latest drool-worthy offerings, it surely must be Velier’s Caroni rums. Who would have thought that a rum many thought was over-tarred and phenol-ly back in the day would have ascended to become one of the must-haves of the rumiverse? About four years ago I saw an Italian listing for some thirty or more Caronis which he was letting go for €2000 altogetherand we all thought was batsh**t crazy expensive, smirked and moved on, which goes to show how much we knew. Nowadays, can you imagine that [Click here for the full review…]

Nov 082017
Velier Caroni 1982-2005 23 Year Old Light Trinidad Rum

Rumaniacs Review #058 | 0458 If there ever was a rival to the famed and fabled Demerara rums issued by Velier, it is surely the Trinidadian Caroni line, which is wept over by aficionados and considered the Port Ellen of rum (my personal belief is that Port Ellen is the Caroni of whisky, but anyway…). They hail from the long-shuttered Trinidadian distillery which closed in 2002, and it has now passed into legend how Luca Gargano found thousands of barrels of ageing rum on the estate in a forgotten warehouse, and managed to buy most of them. Points have to [Click here for the full review…]

Feb 012016
Velier Caroni 1982 Heavy 24 YO Rum

Rumaniacs Review 017 | 0417 We’re down to the last sample of the old Velier rums I’ve got, this one from Caroni, and like the 1985, also bottled in 2006, though two years older. My background notes say 4600 bottles issued from 15 barrels and handsomely issued at 58.3%. What else can I tell you about Caroni you don’t already know? Probably nothing, so let’s move on. ColourDark amber Strength – 58.3% NoseThe 1985 was great, and this one raises the bar a smidgen. With these old, bold rums, sometimes the oak takes charge too aggressivelynot [Click here for the full review…]

Dec 202015
Rhum Sant' Andrea 1939

Rumaniacs Review 014 | 0414 The idea was to continue along with Velier’s Caroni 1985 and 1982 this week, but then I figured it was close to Christmas, so let’s go with something a little older. Perhaps a rhum from an age before ours, or even that of our fathers. Issued by the house of Fratelli Branca, which is akin to Rum Nation, Samaroli or even Velier: an old 19th century Milanese spirits maker (they created a liqueur of their own in 1845 which led to the formation of the company) and distributor, that rode the wave ofFantasy Rhumswhich were popular [Click here for the full review…]

Dec 062015
Velier Albion 1986 25 Year Old Rum

Rumaniacs Review 013 | 0413 Another old bad boy from la Casa Luca, as we continue our sojourn down memory lane with old Veliers. The Albion 1994 17 year old was the first Velier I ever tried and there’s still a soft spot in my heart for it. This one, tried three years later, is perhaps not as good. It’s certainly older, being bottled in 1986 and it’s a weighty, meaty 25 year oldfrom one barrel. Good luck finding more of this thing. Perhaps only the Albion 1983 is rarer. Note that its actual provenance from Albion is subject to debate since [Click here for the full review…]



Short reviews and backgrounders of old, out of production or just plain forgotten rums. For some notes on the series, its origins and philosophy, see the narrative below the list. The rums, in alphabetical order R-098 | 0642 A. A. Baker Jamaican Rum (1970s) R-092 | 0604 A.D. Rattray Monymusk 1986 25 YO Jamaican Rum R-030 | 0430 Alfred Lamb Special Reserve Rum 1949 (URM) R-133 | 0892 Antoniazzi Jamaican Rum (1970s) R-093 | 0607 Appleton Special Jamaican Rum (2016) R-035 | 0435 Appleton Estate 21 Year Old (1990s) R-036 | 0436 Appleton Estate V/X (1980s/1990s) R-037 | 0437 Appleton [Click here for the full review…]

Nov 122014
Rum Nation

Anybody who has read my work will know something of my admiration for Rum Nation, a company that came to my attention back in 2011 and which I’ve followed ever since. As Yesu Persaud springs to mind when thinking of DDL, or Luca Gargano is indelibly associated with Velier, Fabio Rossi, the CEO of Rossi & Rossi, is the man whose name is synonymous with Rum Nation. The Venetian family of Rossi has been in the business of spirits and general trading for a long time, even though Rum Nation has only been in existence since 1999. Its sister company [Click here for the full review…]

Oct 202014

It’s no surprise that I start the “Makers” section of this website with Velier. Perhaps no other company since Rum Nation has so captured my attention the way this one has, and with both it’s about their focus. The scotch makers like G&M, Cadenhead, A.D. Rattray and Bruichladdich also produce year-specific, limited editions of rums, but their product lines are somewhat diluted by not concentrating solely on rums but on the whiskies which are their primary products (at least in my opinion). Velier in contrast has made its name primarily by doing something quite different – they issue all of [Click here for the full review…]

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Dec 222010
A.D.Rattray Caroni 1997 13 Year Old Rum - Review

I wrote the full review for Michael Streeter of the RumConnection website in December 2010, and here is the summary : The price is reasonable, the colour, body and nose are lovely, and the taste is unique, if a bit harsh: if the rum fails at all, it’s in the decision not to mess with it – this has led to the prescence of oak maintaining an influence not all will appreciate. Are other similarly aged rums better, tastier, smoother and more complex? Yes, absolutely. But I also think that the Caroni is one of a kind, a rum lover’s [Click here for the full review…]