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UF30E 1985 cropRumaniacs Review 011 | 0411

Time to address the brontosaurii of Velier for a few Rumaniacs write ups, since the samples are there. UF30E is a bityoungfor inclusion into the Rumaniacs pantheon, but it is out of production, so let’s have it. The code stands for Uitvlugt Field #30 East, or some such, which would puzzle even someone from Mudland (like, ummwell, me). Never mind. With an outturn of 814 bottles from three barrels, it remains one of the best rums from Velier I’ve ever sampled. And while I thought had overpraised it back in 2013, it turns out I may have sold it short, given othersresponses to it in the years between then and now.

Colourdarkish amber

Strength – 60.7%

NoseNothing changed between then and nowit’s still amazing. Heated, dark, viscous, heavy on the nose, molasses, prunes, dark chopped fruit, blackcurrants, dates, and black cake. After opening somewhat, these opening salvoes were followed by lighter tones of flowers, chocolate, some anise. Rich and powerful and not at all astringent or bitchy.

PalateThe balance of the various components competing for your olfactory and labial attention is extraordinary. The Velier PM 1974 is fantastic too, but for different reasons, and something of a one-trick pony in comparison to the sheer variety that was going on here: sweet and salt, teriyaki chicken (minus the bird but with all the veg), molasses, more fruits, green apples, a little smoke and leather and aromatic cigarillos, and those aromatic hints of what, rosewater? orange juice? Whatever it was, it was great. Even 60.7%, which would normally scare the trees into shedding their autumn leaves, was remarkably well handled. You got hit with the power, sureyou didn’t mind it, is all.

Finishsums up everything that has come before. Long, lasting and pungent, not dry. Nuts, flowers, some sweet soya, molasses, a shade of caramel. The thing doesn’t want to leave, honestly.

ThoughtsBrilliant all-round rum which pushes all the right buttons for me. Still makes me regret I didn’t buy more when I had the chance. Since it was issued back in 2011 with a reasonable outturn, it’s probably more than likely it’s still available somewhere.


  4 Responses toVelier UF30E 1985 27 Year Old Rum

  1. How can it be that the Diamond 1999 get 92.5 Points and the UF30E 92 points?
    To my taste gets here one of the worst 0.5 Points more than one of the best…!!

    • I tried to explain what I liked about each rum, which you have failed to do in your comment. Telling me one is worse than the other without giving reasons doesn’t really help me understand the source of your frustration.

      Still, a half point difference is irrelevant. They are both great rums, to me.

      • I was allowed to try all VELIER bottlings from Guyana (exept the Diamond 88) togehter with another full proof rum Lover. We often compared this with each other and created over the years our own ranking. I give you absolutly rightall VELIER bottlings are world class but among themselve there are huge differences.
        When I have all bottlings bevor me in the glass would UF30E land among the top 3the Diamond 1999 – 53.1 have been in the last 5 places.

        • Yes, I absolutely agreeI have yet to find a dog in the Velier line up, and there are indeed variations in the line. But just like everyone has favourite top ten James Bond movies (or Star Trek episodes), no two people will ever agree on which ones they are, or, conversely, which are the lowest ranking.

          Congratulations on trying almost all the Guyanese bottlings. I envy you that opportunity.

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