Nov 052019

Comment below with whatever your thoughts are on the new scheme.  I’ll leave it up for a few days to gauge user reactions and then make a decision whether to keep it or not.

  14 Responses to “Do you like the new colour scheme?”

  1. Please please change it back to black. The white background looks like the old Windows Explorer.

  2. The black background is better and we were used to it. It’s like changing a logo. They’re feelings attached to a graphic look.

    • I completely agree, yet I received so many disapproving comments on the black and how difficult it was to read, that I had to reach out and get a sense of the room.

    • I agree. And it made the blog more unique and recognizable. Just like Serge’s block is yellow, The Lone Caner is black:)

      Well I think in black it was readable, especially when sober.

  3. Quickly because replied on r/rum but I didn’t find the black hard to read and like it better.

  4. I like it! Easier for me to read.

  5. prefer the previous version (the black one).

  6. While the white text on a black background was unique and made your reviews distinctive, they were difficult to read on the small screen of a smart phone. I completely understand the stress over significant change (I changed the logo and website of my small business a few years ago) but change is often good. I believe the black text on white background is worth keeping.

  7. Actually like the black and found it easy to read. +1 vote for bringing black back.

  8. +1 vote for black. It was more unique. Greetings from Vienna, Joachim

  9. It IS easier for me to read it now.

  10. White is way better.

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