Nov 112019

After a week of soliciting the opinions of the readers of this site, I have, not without some reluctance, returned to the long-standing black-background theme that The Lone Caner has used from its earliest beginnings in 2010.

The poll I set up on Facebook suggested an even split between those who liked the white background to those who preferred the black, with comments were about 75-25 in favour of the black. Those who preferred the new look applauded its enhanced readability, while the others felt that there was no difference in that aspect, but something of the intrinsic originality and character of the site had been lost. “Just like Serge’s block is yellow background, the Lone Caner is the black,” remarked Joe.

In the end, I decided that the character – the look and feel – of the site was not enhanced, while not enough proponents of the readibility point of view came forward.  I sincerely apologize to Brian, Seth, Alan, Janwalcjak, Valentin, and all the others who felt that way but did not comment and will be disappointed.  But I will continue to experiment with some middle ground that will please the most people…for the moment, I guess Black is Beautiful, and it stays.

Thanks to everyone for weighing in – it’s nice to know that even for a small site like this one, people take the look seriously enough to comment on it when it changes.

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